Saturday was a tiring yet so fun day. I woke up very early and started doing all my personal agendas and planned on what I’m going to do next but my block mates came and we’re going to film our music video for Humanities. To be honest,I’m not ready. I already planned my Saturday to be at home doing my character for our poster and draw for my majors. Well,good thing they came.

We also brought with us my dear friend James to accompany us on how & what to do because he’s a theatre member and he knows quite a lot about this thing. James and I brainstormed about what the video will be upon hearing the song. Then after finalizing on what to film and how it will roll,we started filming. We also rent a boat which is actually for rent at the lake side just to film for our music video. I definitely had fun because it’s my first time on trying the boat there. The breeze of the air is actually relaxing. Will definitely go back there for another ride!

We’re expecting for a sunset view but nothing came out because the sun is hiding. Feel sad but there’s always a next time. We left the lakeside early because it was already 5pm and my block mates had to go home. They came all the way from Manila to Rizal just for this MV. They already knew how far I travel just to attend my classes everyday. Hehe!


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