Life Lately: February 2014

February Life Lately!

I’ve been away on my blog for such a long time and yes,I’m still on blogging and I missed it so much. Life has been tough for me since 2014 started,from my family up to school related stuff…thank God my love life is not included. Anyway,here’s what I’m up to since the February started through photos!

1. Started the February with my girls,Karen,Christine and Jerrie Mae at Megamall to get our cosplay costume for our event on the second week of February.

2. University week and I invited our beloved friend of Jerrie Mae,James to join us! To be honest,I didn’t enjoy the Uni week (idk) but I definitely had fun with my friend’s company. Big thanks to Jerrie Mae & her boyfriend! 😉

3. Also that certain day,a sad news came up…my grandma was confined at the hospital because she already can’t walk. She’s been in the hospital for almost a week and thank God she’s fine now!

4. After the University week,we have no classes for two days but we have to go to school on the second day just to help arranging the exhibit room for our event but the guard didn’t allow us so…

5. Instead we went to Megamall and ate a lot; fries + JCo + Mcfloat + everything under the sun. Thanks Mary Von & Karen!

6. Exhibit day! I love our centerpiece which is a fake cherry blossom. We printed our poster rush and find our equipment also on rush the day before the event so I’m really exhausted that day. Thank God because it was all good!

7. Me cosplaying Cardcaptor Sakura. I don’t know if I gave the character of Sakura a justice because I didn’t have her staff but I have her Sakura cards so I guess that’s enough? But there’s another event on 20th so let’s see! PS. I’m not a cosplayer,I did it for our course only. Hehe!

8. Lovey on Valentines day! I didn’t receive any flowers nor chocolates that day but I love how he wants to spend the Valentines with just food and him. Plus we had the chance to make up because we argued the day before the hearts day. So much love for this guy! ❤

How was your February so far? I hope you all had a good one! 😉


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