50 Things I Wish My Boyfriend Knew.



In a relationship, some things are left unspoken. For the reason being that, first, they want their partner to be the person that they are. And most often that not, they want to spare their partner’s feeling. Listen guys, here are 50 things your girlfriend wants to tell you all along:

1. I don’t need you to try and be superman for me, I just need you to be there.

2. Any battles we have, I want to face them together.

3. I’m self-conscious; whenever you’re with another girl, I worry they’re more fun to be around. Whenever we see a pretty girl, I worry you think they’re more pretty than me.

4. I hate how many close female friends you have. When you’re talking to them, I wish you pulled me closer so I could feel more secure. It’s hard to compete with that many friends of yours. It’s frustrating you have more close girl friends than guy friends.

5. When I’m mad at you, I want you to kiss away the anger.

6. When I ignore you, I want you to give me attention.

7. When I tell you I won’t text you so you can spend time with friends, I really just want you to argue with me and tell me i’m the one you want to talk to.

8. When you’re out and you hardly text me or don’t pay attention to what you’re texting, I feel irrelevant. I want you to have a good time but don’t tell me you’ll talk to me if you won’t.

9. When you do something unexpected, like send me an email, it makes my day.

10. I like it when you’re bold and make plans for us.

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