AGD Exhibit 2014!

If you guys saw my last photo post,you’ll already have a hint what I’m going to talk about on this post. And this is a long overdue post btw! 😉

So last February 12 & 20,our course had this event which we will showcase what our course is all about. Our prof asked us to paint,draw or anything art related since we are an animation student. Since it’s animation,maybe close enough to anime or what so ever,he also decided to have cosplayers on the said event. I already drew on a ½ illustration board a random anime girl but I didn’t passed it since I lack of confidence. I saw the other student’s work and I was simply amaze on how good they are. Low self-esteem. Ugh.

Anyway,I’ve decided to cosplay ‘na lang’ since I have this friend in the block who will also cosplay for the event. We got our costume on the first day of February,my friend ordered for her wig and as of me,I stand on my natural hair. Hahaha!


*low quality photo* Sorry!

Here I am with my friend,Karen on the first day of the event! Oh I cosplay Sakura Kinomoto that day and she cosplay the other side of Miku,the vocaloid? Idk. Haha!



I think,I didn’t gave Sakura Kinomoto a justice ever since the first day of the event. Oh,this was taken on the second day of the event which is last February 20.



With my friends and blockmates; I can’t put the anime name of what they cosplay because I already forgot about it. Heh!


Me; Karen; Mary Von (hiding); Johnela & Christine!


With our prof; wearing a jacket and a brown pants on the left side.


Lunch time at the campus canteen. We had no choice but to ate at the pricey canteen of the campus since we’re afraid of what the other people outside the campus think of us if we go outside just to eat lunch. Hahaha!

This was the memorable part of my second sem,or maybe for the whole year since I started at my Uni now. I thank God for giving me this opportunity because to be honest I really had fun! Well done,till next year event!


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