Movie Review: The Gods Must Be Crazy III

I was browsing movies to watch yesterday and I stumbled upon this old movie hanging on YouTube. And yes,I gave it a try and I’m not disappointed with what I did because I really had fun watching it. It’s a bit boring at first because it was started on an auction scene but when the said item came out for the auction (which is a Chinese vampire mummy) the laugh started! Not that it’s a funny movie to watch, it’s also a heartwarming movie since the mummy already loved the African people who made him as their god. The African people or tribe are really ‘kyot’/cute also specially the part when Bruce Lee’s spirit came inside the body of one African. I won’t elaborate it more but you should watch this movie. I swear!

The movie was great specially if you’re fond of watching funny movies, but I warned you guys,you will ROFL while watching this movie because me & my siblings did.

Genre: Fantasy/Comedy

Rating: ★★★★★


The last time I did a movie review was a year ago & I totally missed it. I’ll be back for more reviews this summer!


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