The Happy List: Vol. 5


Vol. 5

  1. It’s already my summer vacation!!!
  2. Passed all my second semester subject.
  3. Banoffee Milktea from I ❤ Milktea
  4. Mom & Dad homecoming on Saturday & Monday!
  5. I’m such a noob because finally,I have skater skirts on my wardrobe. I don’t care if it’s so 2013! 😛
  6. Boyfriend’s photo on my phone & the one he sent me on Facebook! Hahaha,he’s so kyot!
  7. I can cook Adobo on my own now! Yey,but I have to practice it’s taste since it tasted like ‘Paksiw’. Hahaha!!!
  8. I kinda love the vibe of Mom being away from us,I mean my siblings are a lot of mature now unlike last year when Mom went to province. Don’t get me wrong,I still miss my Mom.
  9. Friends facebook’s random chit chatting. It’s like my 16 yr old self is back because of them since they’re in the age bracket of 15-18 and I’m already 19 turning 20 in a month now. Hah!
  10. Summer bucket list ☀

It’s been a while since I last posted my happy list and I’m urging to find the inner happiness I could have now since I’m being nostalgic this past few days & I hate myself for that. Hahaha! Funny right? Well,I sense it’s no. I’m trying to catch up with my old friends but I think they already have their own lives and I can’t complain for that. I’m not the kind of person you can keep as a friend. And I also feel that for myself. (Whoa,hold there! This isn’t about the saddest thing I could ever think for a post. Remember it’s a happy list post.) Yea,I know. So maybe I’ll end my rant here. Hehe! Till my next happy list post guys! 😉

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