The Happy List: Vol.6


Vol. 6

  1. Celebrating my birthday with the people I love the most!
  2. Birthday messages from my loves also.
  3. Seeing the “Diary ng Panget” cast at the mall. (Seriously,I’m really not a fan but I’d like to watch the movie. Just when my friend & I are ready to watch the movie,we saw a lot of people at the event center & saw that it was the DnP Movie Caravan and the history goes on…)
  4. Finally bought a copy of the DnP book Part 1.
  5. Family bonding over watching movies on TV. (Complete family!)
  6. Got to update my Goodreads after a very long time!
  7. My navy blue flat shoes
  8. New computer table
  9. The smell of a fried egg…(weird)
  10. Date plans with my love!

Finally my Happy List volume 6 is now up,I’ve been planning to post this for a very long time but life has been crazy so I ditch to blog about it for many times. So my blog has been filled with my happy days tag posted on my Instagram so I could update my blog even I don’t open my laptop. I’m so sorry about that and oh my photo-a-day April challenge is also on hold because right now I’m still editing and taking photos. I think I need to manage my time. Uh oh!

Anyway, Happy Friday guys! ❤


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