The Happy List: Vol. 7


Vol. 7

  1. Finally had a decent work after facing a lot of rejection!
  2. New buddies and friends from my new work.
  3. McDo fries…oh yes!
  4. Also the roasted coffee from McDo which is my daily bestfriend from now on!
  5. Consecutive night calls from my love! ❤
  6. Monthsary date with him! ❤
  7. Spent two days of resort hopping with my two best friend!
  8. Got to see my high school best friend after several years!
  9. Wearing make up on work. Big thanks to Ate Bette for making me beautiful even just for a day!
  10. Dates with my Mom.

Heyyy! It’s been a long time since the last I posted on my blog. WORK has been taking the majority of my time. Yes,I’m a working girl now! I decided not to enroll myself this coming school year for my sister to study college. At first I’ve been depressed because why on earth do I have to stop studying & work but thank God I was able to survive and found a work I’ll love. I’m grateful for it because this is where God wants me to be. I trust him & I know I’ll finish my studies soon!

How was your weekend so far? Love lots! ❤


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