Life Lately: May 2014

{May} Life Lately

  • Starting May gives me the sudden sadness because I already knew my Dad will be back working again in a far away land. His ‘despedida’ celebrated at the same time with our church anniversary. I didn’t had the chance to send him off to airport because that day was also my first day of work in a factory which I suddenly resigned after 3 days of working there.
  • A week ago, our Lola in my father’s side turns 90! That was a history in my Dad’s family because turning 90 was really not a joke. I also knew one grandma with my Mom’s side who turned 92 this year also. God really blessed them with long lives!
  • The night after celebrating our Lola’s birthday, my sister and I went out to buy pizza and flowers for Mom because it was also Mother’s day. We’re glad we made our Mom happy because she said it was her first time receiving roses from her daughters. ❤
  • That week also, I applied for a job along Ortigas and luckily in God’s grace,I got hired! I’m happy because finally,I got a decent work.
  • I’m glad that my team mates were easy to be with,they’re not like any other that would look you from head to feet. They’re also approachable & jolly!
  • I also met Ate Luna which happened to be my neighbor! She’s just a block away from our compound and we’re always going to work together. She always brought ‘Pancit Malabon’ and puto whenever she had a time to cook. And the food was delicioso!
  • I’m looking forward for more bonding times with these people! And I hope we will this close to each other even if we’re already endorse on the prod!

Anyway, I just hope everyone is having a good day specially the students out there,have a happy 1st day of school!


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