Life Lately: June 2014

{June} Life Lately

  • For the first week of June,one of my beloved youth mates,Nicole celebrated her birthday and as her youth leader,I tried to create a rush huge card letter and bought her cupcakes to serve as her birthday cake! Mom also cooked ‘Pancit Malabon’ for her while Tita Norie bought softdrinks and youth mates helped to serve the food. I hope our simple gestures like these makes her happy. God bless you my baby! 😘
  • Second week of June,I already received my first payout for work! Woooo!!! Before going home, my work mates and I went to Megamall to ate lunch and bought ‘pasalubong’ for our family. I brought home J.Co for my Mom and sibs since they love doughnuts and as well as pizza (but I never brought one that day)!
  • Thank God for our pay time off last Independence day,I was able to accompany my Mom to go to my Dad’s cousins birthday. Mom pushed me to buy them cake as our birthday gift to them. Happy Birthday (belated) Tita Kambal!
  • And last June 19,my sister turned 13! Since Mom was on a budget,she just bought a huge chiffon ‘ensaymada’ cake which tasted delicious. Mom also cooked pancit and lumpia! I also bought my sister a gift, only a pack of wafer coated chocolates because I’m also on a tight budget. Huhu!

We’re almost done with the month of June and July is saying ‘Hi!’ again. I can’t believe 2014 would be this fast,but I also wanted 2014 to end just to forget all the miserable things happened to me and to my family. But I’m keeping my hopes high for the next months and I know God will always be there to guide and help us. 🙏


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