First ever meet-up!

June 28,2014 | Meet-up with Virus Babes!

Last Saturday, I met up with these girls straight after my shift at work. I had no idea that the meet-up will continue just when I received a text message from Monica saying that she’s already in the MRT waiting for me. I planned not to go because my work mates will have lunch at one of my work mate’s house and I decided to go with them since it’s our last training day. But my whole plan was ruined. Hahaha!!!

So I left my work mates (NO!),they are the one who left me. Hahaha! And I go straight to the MRT station where Monica is waiting for me. Just when I saw her,I feel so excited despite of my sleepiness because the last time we saw each other was last December!

We met up with my Nanay Bernadette at MRT Ayala accidentally because she’s gonna go straight at Market Market,where will be seeing some of the girls. We also met up with Ate Ems and Ate Jamae at the same station and we all ride a bus going to Market Market.

We had our late lunch at Tokyo Tokyo and since I already ate my breakfast at Jollibee,I didn’t ate a lot so I let my Nay Dette to finished the whole bento we ordered! HAHAHA! 🙂 After eating,they surprised the girls who just turned and turning 18 this year and we only had Monica and April that time. I enjoyed being with them despite of me lacking of sleep. I decided to went home early since I have to met up with my boyfriend who’s sick that time.

I definitely enjoyed this moment since I really want to see them since I didn’t had the chance to see them last meet-up I think that was last year? Hoping to spend time again with them and I’ll make sure I won’t be that sleepy and I’ll bring more energy with me! ❤

Photo Credit to Ate Joanna Mae


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