Watsons Mini Haul!

Earlier this morning Mom and I went grocery shopping,since I remember I don’t have stocks of my beauty essentials,I also did a beauty shopping!



(L-R; Up: Charmee Feminine Pads,Johnson’s Baby WIpes, Down: Nail Polish Remover, Benzalkonium Chloride, Nail Cuticle Remover, Pond’s Clear Solution facial wash)


(L-R; Up: Penshoppe Pocket Scents in Nina, Eskinol Pimple Fighting facial deep cleanser, Down: Myra-E Moisturizer; Glam Works Lip & Cheek tint in peach pink, Beauty Buffet Charcoal & Cypress Facial Wash)

Some of the products I bought is always on my beauty essentials and here is some of the products I really want to give a try.


Glam Works Lip & Cheek tint in Peach Pink – Php75

I tried this one on and to my surprise,it’s really amazing! It’s like the lipstick I’ve been eyeing on my work mates make-up bag and I think I found one that somehow exactly to it!


Beauty Buffet Charcoal and Cypress Facial Mask – Php 79 for 2pcs.

Originally priced Php 49 per piece but since it’s on sale I only got this two for only 79! I’ve never been used any facial mask and this will be my first time using it. I chose the purifying and oil control since my face is always oily. Let’s see if this thing will work for me! 😉


Penshoppe Pocket Scents in Nina – Php 89

I’m looking for a pocket perfume or body spray since I’m not bringing my huge perfume on my bag since it’s huge nga! Good thing I found this one and the scent is good! :bd


Johnson’s Baby Skincare Wipes – Php 73

I originally bought this one in SM Supermarket and I was shock with the price,I thought it’s only 50 something but screw that it’s higher than 50! Well, sige na nga let’s try. I’m not using it for a baby or for my butt (hahaha!) I’m using it on my face and it’s good for cleaning my oily and dirty face (yuck! haha!) but the scent of it…gross. But I’m going to use it since it’s good nga for cleaning. Nevermind the scent! 😀

Well,that’s it for this mini haul! I’m happy right now that finally,I don’t have to worry because I can take care of my skin from now on that I have beauty stocks na! 🙂


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