The Happy List: Vol.8


Vol. 8

  1. Watching She’s Dating the Gangster for twice at the big screen with my love!
  2. Anniversary date with my love and seeing him every week!
  3. The shirt I bought for my love fits him right and I’m so happy!
  4. Doing well right now after being sick for a week. Thank you, Lord!
  5. I got 90% for customer experience at work!
  6. Friday off for work, I have four days straight of 11 hours working then I have 3 days off from Friday till Sunday!
  7. I got a locker for myself at work, I don’t have to deposit my phone anymore at the guard. I can check my phone if my love already texted me. Heee! :3
  8. I bought a book again which is the Fourteen Pages written by a good friend of mine in college! So much love for that book.
  9. Direct sunlight in my room. Aaahhh, been wanting that for ages!
  10. Coffee jelly made with love by Mom. ❤

I hope everyone is having a good start of the week! It’s Monday again.


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