Life Lately: Sept – Oct 2014

Life lately: September – October 2014

Hi guys! I’ve been in hiatus for two months and it feels good to be back. Well, I don’t think this is for good but I’ll try my best to update this blog. Here is some snapshots mostly at my work environment because it’s the thing that ate most of my time.

  • Ate Luna,Ashley and I went to a clinic in Makati to have our drug test done.
  • Orientation at my new work,different account and place. So thankful that I was able to get a work after my contract ended at my previous account.
  • Ate breakfast with Aljohn the morning after our orientation at McDo! This is the time when we stayed at Riza’s house to wait for our gift certificate to be release.
  • Breakfast at McDo again with Ashley and Ate Luna, I think this is the first week of our Foundation Training.
  • First day of our Nesting and we decided to wear dresses.
  • Went back to our previous work place to follow up some of our documents. With Bett and Vincent this time!
  • A photo with Myrtle three days before our nesting period is going to end.
  • Last breakfast with my teammates during our training days. We’ll already in our production this week!

Looking forward and positive for this week because this will be the first week at the production area. No more mistakes allowed,maybe there is but not that obvious unlike on our nesting period. Gonna miss the things we used to do in training. 😦

Cheerios! ❤


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