The Happy List: Vol.9


Vol. 9

  1. Graduating from training and being endorsed to production!
  2. Being on the top list for Knowledge Checks and because of that…
  3. I was able to choose a consecutive off,thankful but the schedule still kinda sucks. (I know this is a happy list but anyway…)
  4. Typography and lettering…makes me want to try it!
  5. Mary Kay CC Cream! ❤
  6. Beanie swap with my boyfriend.
  7. My undying love for…HASH BROWNS!
  8. Lang Leav’s book which I’m planning to buy soon…thinking of getting the Love first before the Lullabies. 🙂
  9. Taylor Swift’s new album,1989! I really love the polaroid theme of the album and I’m itching to get one but…I’m broke. Huhu! 🙂
  10. Watching Thai short music video series that makes me cry big time and realize that I have the most amazing people in my life. ❤

It’s been a long time since the last I’ve posted my happy list and it feels so good to vent out all of the things that makes me happy these past few days. Life has been good to me though there are times that I actually wanna give up but thanking God,he didn’t let me down. I really need more of the positive outlook and mantra in life specially this time that another week for work is coming and this time it’s for real work. Keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll survive…bless and guide me Oh Lord!


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