What happen?


You might be thinking what’s up with the words on the photo above…well, it’s just a way of telling myself what happen after I took a long break from blogging. The last post I have posted on my blog is a recap about my 2014 highlights & that’s 8 months ago! I can’t believe I ditch blogging for that long period of time. I may not regularly posting here last year since working graveyard overwhelmed me that I almost forgot to open my laptop & check on some blogs however closing down the blog never came into my mind.

Well, what really happen to me for that 8 months?

  • Around January this year, my Dad came home & I decided to go under time at work for me to personally fetch him at the airport but I am one hour late so I waited there for nothing since Dad is already at home. /cry
  • February seems to be a love month but what happen is I cried a million times since Dad got mad after boyfriend & I celebrated Valentines because we got home late. I knew we’re wrong about not telling them the truth because the only thing they know is we’re going to stay in just one location but we hopped to other location. </3 Well,lesson learned.
  • Dad went back to his work location. Separation anxiety!!!
  • Celebrated my birthday for the first time without Jervin. I hate him so much for not giving any effort to visit me on my special day! He had his reasons so I accepted it since I also have mine. Well, nonetheless, I had a great time with my work mates & boss. Big thanks to them for making me a bit happy! Miss you guys.
  • The month of May was the last month of working as a representative at a BPO company. It’s kinda sad since I’ve made friends with some of them but that’s life. We should go on…
  • The main reason why I left my job was going back to school this academic year. I’m thanking my parents for letting me study again, I promise I will make it & I’ll do better this time!
  • Working for a year helps me a lot to be punctual enough to make it to work & since I’m studying now, I learned to apply it on my daily school life. However, traffic in Manila is undying & even though I leave the house 2 hours before my class…I’m still late (sometimes).
  • Getting 2.0 for my prelim grade for almost of my subject is already an achievement since getting this kind of grades way back 2013 is not usual. I hope I’ll also get this grade for midterms. I hope my best was good enough. *fingers crossed*

There is so much things happened for just 8 months, the bullets above are not enough but that’s just the highlight. And to think I spend a week just to finish this post since I also have other things to do. Haha! Well I want to do this so let’s do this!

Oh and one thing,I also changed my URL from jrvnn to love-jhoanne since I think the second URL is more personal than the old one. So cheers for a new blog name! I’ll be posting more soon…!


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