Top 5: Things I’ve Learned from my First Job

Being able to get employed was one of my best achievement last year. It was unexpected, I never see that coming. I was kind of confident that time that I’ll be able to study for that academic year but everything didn’t go as I planned. Let  me start the story from my first ever job. Around last week of April when I decided to look for a decent job, I tried my luck in every company my relatives referred me to, I also tried searching companies to work on my own. Well luckily, May 2014 I got hired! Thinking that this kind of job will helped me & my family get through from our daily lives. They promised me that the position I’ll have would be a data encoder. First day of work and we have this orange net uniform to wear over our plain white T-shirt and black pants. It never came to my mind that I’ll be a trainee for Quality Control inspector in a huge factory company! It was awful. I was disappointed. We have to work for 7 days, 12 hours with no rest day (depending on the stocks they have), the salary is very low that you cannot imagine working 12 hours for that salary. I decided to quit after two weeks.

After a week when I tried my luck again, I decided to jump on the bandwagon. I tried to apply on a BPO company one Monday morning and that day was my very lucky day! I got hired…again! Then the rest is history…I’ve been with the environment for a year and I must say that was an unforgettable experience! Of course, in every experience in life, we have these things that we’ve learned so I list down my top 5. Let’s get into it…

1. Being punctual is your choice but definitely your best asset! I’m a lazy tardy ass girl way back college and don’t know how to manage my time properly. Everything has change when I started working. Well, as an employee you have the choice whether you wanted to be late or not however it’s a must from the company to deduct the second, minute & the hour of your tardiness. I thank God for having Ate Luna (my work mate & my elder sister at work) that helped me become a responsible working girl. She’s the one who taught me how to be an early bird at work. She always leave our place an hour & half before the exact time & since we live in the same place we always leave for work together.

2.  Time is gold. Old saying but it became relevant to me after working. Every minute & hour counts at work, it will be the basis of your productivity & how well you did. In my work environment this is highly required because they count your productivity on how well you manage the phone time between you & the client. The short phone time, the better.

3. Fill up your piggy bank. My mistake that I only realize this thing when I already step out of work. I manage to save a little while working but it’s not really a big amount. So right now I’m eager to save, save and save from my allowance.

4. People come & go. Despite of me being a shy girl when I step inside the production floor for the first time I became friends with some of my work mates. Well, thinking that this is still high school or college, people you met at work will always be there but it’s a big NO. It’s always sadden me every time one of my work mates have to leave due to any reasons they have. Well, that’s life.

5. Working means you have to act as an adult. I’m 20 when I started working & in that young age I’ve learned so many things about adulthood. Applying for SSS, Pag-ibig, PhilHealth, TIN is one of them also opening a savings account for yourself, commuting late at night & such. I realized it’s really hard to be an adult specially when you’re working for your family to survived life. I appreciate all the hard work my parents did for me & my siblings, it’s really hard but they surpass all the difficult situation life offers to them. I now agree that being adult is not easy.

I’m glad and grateful that I experienced working at young age of adulthood. It’s really unforgettable, I’ll cherish this kind of opportunity that was given to me. I wanna say thank you to my parents for being so patient & protective because they always make sure I’ll be safe walking at the street to ride a jeepney. My boyfriend that even though we have a different time since he’s working in the morning while I sleep, we always take time for each other. The communication is always there & it never fails. The friendship I made out of this journey, thank you to all of you, my Ate & Kuya’s at work, the same age friends I had and all the bosses, managers & head that even though you didn’t know me personally, thank you for hiring me as your employee. I hope I did well and it became beneficial to your company. I’m sorry I have to leave early but this is because I know I’ll have a great opportunity after I finish my studies. So cheers to new adventures to life! Till my next entry! 🙂


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