Life Lately: Monday Diaries!

  • I love waking up with a good sunshine peeking from my window. It has been a long time since I appreciate the sunlight.
  • One of my to do’s for today is to clean my entire room. I removed the old curtains & changed it, change my bed sheet, clean my desk & remove the things I don’t need in my room. I’m glad how it turned out so neat & clean though I’m not yet done. Planning to continue cleaning by next weekend!
  • After the cleaning duties, I reward myself a nice hot drink & cookies while typing something on my laptop.
  • Meet my new cousin, Danielle Faith! She was born healthy and pretty one week ago. Every time I just need to get out of house, I immediately visit her since their house is one walk from ours. I can’t wait for this baby to turned one so I can play with her hair & do dress up!
  • I can’t resist having “pork isaw (intestine)” for merienda and I ate four sticks of them today. /guilty
  • It makes me sad that today have to end & tomorrow would be another day which means reality and I have to go back to school!

How was your Monday turned out?


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