I visited an art gallery!

FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME,as far as I remember.

Last Wednesday, Janine (my grade & high school buddies) & I pursue our long postponed date! We’ve been planning this date ever since the year started and we finally did it one month before 2015 is going to end. Hooray!

When we’re planning about our date, we don’t have a specific place to chill with and we’re not much of a party goer so visiting a bar & restaurant place would not be a good shot. But a light bulb popped up on my head & I saw a photo of this art museum named Pinto Art Gallery on a celebrity’s Instagram. The museum was located somewhere in Antipolo and that’s pretty close to our location and we just need a half an hour ride to get there (traffic’s not included)! I asked Janine if she’s willing to visit the museum and treat me to that place, luckily she said “Yes!” OMG. Kailan kaya ako makakabawi sa kanya. Hahaha!!!

We didn’t even know how to get there and I just had a screenshot of the map on my phone. We rode a tricycle after getting at Antipolo Municipal Hall, we tried to ask the driver if he knew the museum but he doesn’t even know so we’re kind of scared that we might get lost & pay a hundred bucks for the ride. But thank God for my 20/20 vision (lol) I saw a signage of the museum just a meters away in front of the municipal hall.


Pinto Art Gallery


The whole museum is just so picturesque! The chill vibes, the air, the artworks hanging on the wall & the museum feels like home. The whole place was just so amazing plus if you’re with a good company of friends like I have, that’ll be a bonus!

70% of the visitors of the museum that day was consist of happy couple lurking around and taking their pre-nuptial photos. *jealous* I want to go back here with my boyfriend or maybe future husband (?) and take our pre-nuptial photos in the same museum! HAHAHA! In God’s perfect timing.


Anyway, here’s an obligatory mirror post we took before leaving the museum. Janine scolded me when we first tried to take a mirror shot because I was looking on my phone & not on the mirror itself. Hahaha! Such a sweet friend, huh? 🙂 (If you’re reading this Ja, i love you! Haha!)


“I wish that I could be like the cool kids,
‘Cause all the cool kids, they seem to fit in.
I wish that I could be like the cool kids, like the cool kids.”

…but I’m not.


This artwork of a girl-sitting-alone-with-a-shadows-of-a-man-watching-her caught my attention. It feels like my emotion during my heart break was pictured here that I immediately took a photo of it. My bad that I didn’t check the name of this artwork & the artist, if you’ve been in Pinto Art gallery and happened to know the information of this artwork, kindly please tell me! 🙂

To end this post, here’s my awkward self posing for the camera! I have lots of candid photos courtesy of Janine but I won’t be posting one here ‘coz that’s not the purpose of this post and this is the only decent photos I had! 🙂

If you’re interested to visit the place, here’s a photo of their map so you can locate them easier. The regular entrance fee is P180 and good news for the student, you can enter the museum for P100! You just need to bring your valid school id, isn’t that great? My bad that I forgot to bring my id so Janine paid for me for the regular price. I swear you’ll gonna love the place as much as we do!


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