Life Lately: Going out and having fun!

Life lately was consist of…

  • eating at the same restaurant near our place every other night
  • saturday date nights with Vincent and Ate Luna
  • visiting a nice museum along our local province
  • eating cupcakes at a local cafe in our city
  • chill times with the good friends I have
  • eating Nachos and already loving the taste of tomatoes
  • after thousand years gone by, good times with my colleagues at work
  • strolling around our local tiangge and market
  • dinner outside & eating ice cream
  • overnights with one of my all time best friend, Angie
  • sunday date with Jervin

I’m not really fond of going out and having fun outside the comfort of my bed and laptop. I prefer staying at home, sip a cup of coffee or tea, watch my favorite Youtube videos, tv shows or reading blogs & articles. I mostly decline invitations from my friends if they wanted to spend a night chilling & having fun. But I never see it coming that life would be so hard to me and my last resort is to go out and have some fun times with my circle of friends just to forget.

Well, I think I made a right choice now to accept their invitation and be with them just for a couple of hours or just a day. I feel that I’m not alone anymore when I’m with them, that I have some special people to lean on when life gets hard again. Though everything right now is falling into its place again, I won’t forget that they’re always there for me. Oh, I love you guys!

I also wanted to update my planner which has been neglected for a couple of months now. I failed my 2015 goals which is to update it often since it’s my first legit planner! Huhuhu, and I don’t think I’m getting another planner for 2016 but I’m eyeing one of the GetFiled planners. Money where art thou?

How was your week so far? Long weekend this week, what’s your plan? I’m planning to do some of my school projects & spend a day with Jervin or friends,maybe? 🙂


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