Blogmas: The Happy List

Today’s blogmas post would be my happy list for the past few weeks and the last time I wrote my happy list was already a month ago! So here’s my list for the Volume 11 of THL!

1. Magic Pink Cream by Sophie Paris – I’m not really a fan of blush on before but since I’ve told you guys before from my last happy list that I’m falling in love with make ups now a days, I decided to why not give it a try? I already have my own blush on from Ever Bilena which I rarely used before, I loved it but this time, I’m loving this tint blush on which my aunt gave me two weeks ago. The blush on stays on my cheeks for about 6 hours or so depends on how much I put on. I highly recommend this product of course for a beginner like me on make-ups!

2. Cute childhood photos of the boyfriend – I just saw Tita Jinky (boyfriend’s mom) post a photos of her nephew and niece of course with his son when they were a child! Jervin was such a cutie back then, I hope I can at least post the photo here but I decided not to because he might be stalking me.

3. Spotify Premium!!! – I checked my email & saw a promo of Spotify which you’ll get 3 month premium subscription for just only P9! I gave it a try and I’m using my old visa card which I think has at least below P100? Not sure but thank heaven the card worked & now I’m enjoying Spotify even I’m on the road. I wanna continue the subscription but my card won’t be able to do that so I guess I need to get a new card which is very impossible since I currently don’t have work. Poor me.

4. Finally tasted (again) the roasted coffee of McDo! – It was a long time ago since the last time I tasted McDo’s coffee. I feel like reunited with a long lost friend! Hahaha! I know I’m being exaggerated, I’m sorry but that’s just how I feel besides I love coffee.

5. Quality time with the boyfriend –  Do I need to explain this? It feels good that somehow, things are working great between the two of us. I hope, I really hope that one day, all the pain would just go away.

6. Our Daily Bread 2016 Edition – I’m a sucker with this kind of devotional books! I love reading them everyday especially in the morning. Mom just attended a seminar with one of our church sponsors and they gave the 2016 edition of ODB as a token I guess? And Mom gave me her copy since she knows how I love this book. Oh, mom. I love you!

7. Watching ThatsHeartTV vlogmas every single day – Oh I love Heart Defensor so much that I always watch her vlogs on her vlog channel. If you don’t know her, she’s a Filipina Youtuber based in California and she’s running a beauty channel called ThatsHeart and a vlog channel called ThatsHeartTV. I adore her personality and her positivity about life especially now that she’s one year engaged with her boyfriend, Arnold. Oh you guys! You should check her channel!

8. My baby cousin Danielle Faith – She’s a new addition to our extended family and she was born 4 months ago. Every time I feel down or lonely or weak or whatever feelings I have, I just visit her next door and my day was already made especially when she’s already giggling and smiling.

9. Finally finished my second story on Wattpad titled “Lean On Me” – I started writing the story around 2011 and I just finished it last week. If you’re asking why it took so long, it is because I lack the creativity within me and I don’t know what’s the next move or scenario. My bad. I revised all the parts of the story and the ending was just…heartbreaking. If you’re interested to read my story, you can click here!

10. Blogmas! – I’m very excited about this idea of blogging till Christmas day! I just started yesterday because I’m very late from December 1. The idea just came in my mind a  week ago and so I’m blogging 12 days before Christmas!

I forgot to write and queue post last weekend because of a party held in our church. I was one of the in-charge so my time was really limited however I still managed writing this entry for the second day so I’m very very happy! Yay! Can’t wait for my next post tomorrow. How ‘bout you guys? What are the things that makes you happy recently?


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