2015: In a glimpse!

2015.jpg Warning: This is gonna be a hell long post! Read at your own risk 🙂

I can’t believe 2015 officially said goodbye and I realized that time is really gold and we shouldn’t waste any minute of it. But well, what can you say with a 20 something year old lady who procrastinate so much that I didn’t achieve some of my goals last year? Thank God I signed up for the newsletter of Arriane Serafico’s last Monday night (Dec.27) and received an email a day after on how to exercise my new year’s resolution. It helps a lot!

Anyway, 2015 was a roller coaster year for me, from working on New Year’s eve 2014 to celebrating my birthday at work to leaving my job because I need to study to break-ups that almost hit me on the ground up until today as I’m writing this post. Phew! I survived all of that in just a year! Let’s go back to the present time, I’ll be listing the events happened to me this year. And like before, I’ll list it according to months!


  • I celebrated new year at work for the very first time! As a first timer working on a BPO company, never did I thought that I’ll be working on holidays. Though I like it because double pay but this season should be spent with family & friends. Anyway, I survived naman so it’s worth it.
  • Papa’s homecoming. I will never forget what I did on the day my Dad came home from the other side of the world! I asked my team leader’s  permission if I can go out of work early since I need to be at the  airport before 10am. He allowed me but it was already 9am when he  let me log out on my computer. I was very nervous since I don’t know  how to commute going to the airport! Thank God I reached the airport  safe! But so unlucky of me because I’ve  waited till 11am and I was  looking for my Mom but I never saw them 😦  HAHAHA! So I head back  home instead & find out that Dad was  already at the airport before 10.  So yeah!


  • Valentines date turned into a disaster. This is very unforgettable because it was the first time my Dad wants me to choose over my studies or love life. Thank God we (Jervin & I) survived!


  • Papa’s going back to work. I’m a daddy’s girl so it’s really a difficult moment for me to see my Dad leaving us again for his work. I accompanied my Mom to send my Dad at the airport. I tried to be happy as I can be but seeing people crying and hugging their loved ones makes me so sad too! I cried after my Dad went inside the airport.
  • Attended my friend’s wedding! Ate Luna & I prepared so much for this wedding that we actually bought clothes to wear at the party. Because we’re confident that we’ll reach the church on time, we leave the house one hour before the wedding unfortunately, we’re LATE. HAHAHA!


  • Celebrated my birthday at work.  I’m that kind of person who really get annoyed when I’m working on a special day especially if it’s away from my family. And that’s how I feel working on my birthday! Anyway, I had a good time at work together with Ate Luna & office mates. I treat them at KFC after our work which is almost our lunch that day. Working graveyard is a hassle! Also, received a Hello Kitty balloons and pizza from my besties! Love ’em so much!
  • Jerrie Mae’s 18th Birthday. This has be the most waited time of the year for my best friend for almost 8 years to celebrate her 18th birthday! I’m torn of filing a leave at work on my birthday or her birthday but since I love her, I decided to file a leave exactly on her birthday. APRIL BABIES! 


  • My last month being a working girl. After a year of working, finally my parents had enough to finance my studies again without me working. But then, I feel so sad that I’ll be leaving the first company I’ve been to, the pay day, the people, the environment, all of them. Well, there’s always a goodbye and a hello.
  • Enrolled again at school! 


  • Finally back to school! Even though I feel this separation anxiety from my work mates for couple of months, I manage to embrace the environment I’ve been away for a year! It feels great to be back! 🙂


  • Overnight at Jerrie Mae’s boyfriend house. We celebrated Raymond’s birthday at their house and we (James and I) feel like we’re already part of their family!
  • Boyfriend’s 21st birthday! It was a rainy Wednesday and I just got home from school. I plan to visit the boyfriend because it was his birthday that day unfortunately the weather is not cooperating & I don’t have anything to bring with me. But mom being our guardian angel accompanied me at their house, brought a cake, commute in the midst of heavy rain. Such an unforgettable experience!


  • 5th Year Anniversary.  I can’t imagine Jervin and I reached five years because I’m not expecting we’re gonna stay in love with each other for freaking five years! Celebrated our anniversary a bit late because he was too busy with his work related stuff. If I still remember, we watched Attack on Titan and ate at the mall. Just a simple celebration. Nothing fancy!


  • End of first academic semester! After three months of being at school, interacting with different people and professor, dealing with school works and such it feels great that the semester is ending! I also received good grades which is very fulfilling!


  • Jervin and I broke up. This was the main highlight of the year from all of the events I had last 2015. It totally hit me on the ground, I don’t know how to cope up. I don’t know how to function. I don’t know. Going back to this moment in my life makes me cry again. I was deeply hurt. To be honest.
  • Together again. I thought it was already the end, but before October ends, not everything went back to its place that fast but it was an answered prayer. Jervin and I got back together! We both want to fix everything as we can. 🙂


  • Second academic semester. School’s back and I was really not focusing on my studies after what happened but I’m still working everything out. Hopefully, this 2016! *fingers crossed*


  • Spent most of my free holiday time with Jervin. Love is sweeter the second time around (?) I also celebrated Christmas eve with him which I’m very happy about because that’s one of my Christmas wishlist! Thank you Lord! 🙂

Whoa! I started writing this entry three days before 2015 ends but I’m posting it 3 days after New Year! What happen? I’ve been overwhelmed with holidays that I don’t want it to end yet. School’s back tomorrow and I haven’t wash my uniform & bags.

Anyway, how was your New Year’s celebration? Did you start the year right? Because I am! I have the feeling that this year is gonna be awesome! Cheers to 2016!

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do,and he will establish your plans. – Proverbs 16:3”


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