2016 Life Goals!

2016 goals

How are you guys doing for the first week of January 2016?

I’m very grateful that this week went good so far however there are such things that will come in your way and makes the whole picture ugly but I’m not allowing it to destroy the positive vibes within me. On the other note, I decided to make a new year resolution to at least post twice a week on my blog so I’m doing it starting today!

Have you guys already plan your goals and resolutions this year? I did somehow and it took me almost two weeks to finalize my goals and my theme for the year. I recap my 2015 goals before and I’m not amazed with what I did. I feel like I wasted another year.

2015 Goals
Those goals marked in green are the one I achieved this year while the red one is the goals I almost did and still on the process, lastly the black one are the ones I NEVER did.

My goals before are written in my BDJ planner & it was categorized in five so I have personal, financial, health, career and relationship. Most of them are just goals written on a paper. I never did any actions to pursue my goals. I’m such a goal digger! Well at least I ticked three of ’em out of fourteen goals I jot down?! Hehe, lame excuses once again.

This year, I wanted to make sure that I’ll be achieving my goals so instead of just jotting down on paper and let it be, I follow the structure of Ms. Arianne Serafico’s way of making goals and making it happen. I mention on my last post that I subscribe to her newsletter last time and that’s what making me pump up to start creating my goals!

I’ll be sharing with you guys my Top 5 goals and my theme for year 2016 is “Revamping Myself”. I know it sounds weird but trust me, I find the word revamp so fancy that it feels like “Yes, Joana. You need to revamp yourself for good and for the better you.”  WOW. That was deep! Anyway, here’s my list:

  1. Open a business. Yes, this year it’s for real. For the meantime I just need to find money to start opening my future business. I might go with food line business and try to sell it online since my best friend Angie might help me a lot with this.
  2. Save P10,000 on my savings account by December 2016. I do hope. No, I need to save. Saving this big amount of money is a struggle for me since I’m still a student. So I really need to establish a small business or get myself a job online. I’ll make sure, I’ll let this happen.
  3. Go out of town with friends or boyfriend. I feel like I need new adventures this year. I mean travel adventures because I haven’t been a while. My friends are planning to go out of town when our schedule permit us and also our money. Crossing my fingers it will happen!
  4. Lose X inches on my current waistline! I really am frustrated that I weigh this much after a year of being a student. And my bellies has been doubled up this holidays and it’s really freaking me out! I love my body and how I look don’t get me wrong but I’ll be more confident with myself if at least I can look sexy wearing swimsuit on the beach. Right? Hahaha! Oh how I wish. But nothing is impossible with a person with determination. Yes!
  5. Grow deeper with God and find my own passion. I’m not being a holy person. I sinned and I get tempted with earthly things but that’s not hindering me from serving and loving God so this year I wanted to give back. I wanted to know Him better and I wanted to share His love with everyone. On the other note, I also want to find my own passion this year, if it’s on blogging, arts, writing, web and etc. I wanted to have my own version of myself and not being a replica of someone.

I didn’t list the specific goals I’ve written but these are just my main goals. I’m really hoping and praying that all of these will happen this year! We’ll see! 😉

So how ’bout you guys? What are your 2016 goals?

Love ♥,



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