The Happy List: Vol. 12


Welcome to another Happy List for year 2016!  There are lot of things I’m happy about for the first week of January. Some are little things that may not matter that much to everyone but for me, it does. Finding happiness in little things makes me get through a stressful day at school or home. It feels good that in the midst of a stressful life and you choose to look on the brighter side, a bad day brightens up. It’s really true that happiness is a choice and a state of mind. Anyway without further ado, let’s get down on my list!

  1. Ever Bilena Matte lipstick (Storm) – My sister gave me this deep red colored lipstick as a gift because I was her “monita” for our Christmas party. I’m loving it ever since day one I’ve tried it! Thanks to my little sister!
  2. Chicken wings with rice meal – I’ve been eating this meal twice a week already. I know it’s bad but how can I resist? I love how they cooked the chicken, not too much of breading and no gravy! You just need to dip it on soy sauce with calamansi and voila! It’s not always my lunch at school but I’ll definitely ate this once or twice a week!
  3. Chapel visit at school – I’m really not that stress at school and life until lately and one day I’ve decided to visit the chapel to say a little prayer. I picked up a paper roll on one of their message box and I received this phrase: “I called, you answered me, Lord; You made me brave and kindhearted.” -Psalms 138:3 It feels good after reading the Bible verse and I feel like God already answered my prayer.
  4. Freelance works – I received some paper and layout work the last week of December and it’s just the first week of January that I started doing it. Though it’s eating most of my social time that day, I feel accomplished & productive after I finished it. I still have lots of pending but it’s about school works this time. Hopefully I can finished it before Monday!
  5. New planners – I’m so blessed that I have two planners for this year. I think God wants me to be so productive and organize this year (JK). My first planner was a gift from Jervin and it was my journal planner and the other one was a gift from Jerrie Mae and it has been my go-to planner. Speaking of planner, I should update it now!
  6. Being able to pass prelim – I do have two failing grades because of my absences but that will not stop me from aiming higher grades at the end of term. I’m still happy that  I still pass, somehow. Hehe!
  7. Meeting new friends at school – I met two people at school on the same day! One is in my CSC16 class and the other one is in my Filipino class. Good thing I met them because I really need to have at least one friend in every class I have.
  8. First photo of Jervin and I – Thanks to my best friend Angie for taking our first photo this year! I’m aiming to take a lot, I mean lots of photos of us this year and that is one of my goals,honestly.
  9. 65th monthsary celebration – It has to be one of the most special monthsary I’ll treasure the most. Jervin and I spend the whole day with each other and we had dinner with my best friends at Kinamat.
  10. Spending New Year’s day with Jervin’s family – It was the first time that Jervin & I celebrated New Year with his family. We went to an amusement park in the city and though I’m a little bit shy with his cousins, I do have fun hanging out with some of them.

I hope you guys are also doing great for the first week of 2016! What are the things that makes you happy lately?

Love ♥,



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