WHEN IN: Pilillia, Rizal’s Wind Farm

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Rizal, being a province near Manila has many precious wonders of nature you can easily find. You’ll be in awe to discover that it would offer you so much more than you expected. I’m sorry if it sounds ecstatic but I suggest you need to visit Rizal so you’ll know what I mean.
 WHEN IN 1.jpg
Well, I’ve been living in Rizal for almost 22 years of my life and I admit that I haven’t explored yet the province where I grew up. Not until a week ago, Tita Jinky, boyfriend’s mom ask me to join them to travel to Pililla, Rizal to visit the growing tourist spot in the area which is the Wind Farm.

It was also an advance birthday celebration of boyfriend’s baby brother and instead of the usual mall visit & amusement park, they brought their baby to the nature. They are about to leave when I got to their house, blame me for being so sluggish that day. I only have 3 hours of sleep last night and I blame it to the boyfriend! Anyway, we leave their house at 1 o’clock in the afternoon and we reach our destination around 2:30 pm, it was a long ride but definitely worth it.
Too bad the sun is striking the hour we visited and we’ll be getting sunburn if we stayed long under the sun, so we look for a place where we can hide from it. We went to the third nearest windmill we can get to because the windmill itself is giving shade to us, tourists.
2016-03-07 07.54.08 1.jpg
This was the first breathtaking view my eyes laid on before we went to see the gigantic windmill! Quite disappointed with the photo since it didn’t gave any justice with the view.
2016-03-07 07.54.10 2.jpg
The three other windmills beside the windmill we’re standing. The guards is not allowing the tourists to go beyond these windmills because of issues that I’m not familiar with. Haha!
Boyfriend’s family took a lot of pictures and we (boyfriend and I) on the other hand is just staring at the beauty of the place. I was captivated with it that I almost forgot to take pictures for remembrance. I think I have 4 to 5 photos on my phone not included the several selfies boyfriend and I had together but I’m not going to post all of it here. Hehe, for my eyes only! JK! The other reason why I didn’t take a lot of pictures is because I don’t have a plan to blog about it. But I guess, I will lose the chance to show the beauty of the place if I don’t.
2016-03-07 07.54.11 1.jpg
The Pililla’s Wind Farm doesn’t have any entrance fee, you just have to pay for the parking if you traveled by car. You can also get there by commuting but you just need to pack a lot of patience because it will be a long ride! If you wanted a direction how to get there I suggest you read this post. As for the food, you don’t have to worry because the place has its own coffee shop where you can stay. And there’s also a lot of store stalls selling street food, snacks, candies and even souvenirs.
I wanted to thank Tita Jinky so much for letting me join them with this spontaneous trip and also to boyfriend’s family. I’m sorry if I’m quite shy and not speaking in the entire trip because I don’t know how to approach every one of you but I honestly had fun! Till next time! 🙂
Love ♥,

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