What’s In My Purse?

As an avid fan of watching Youtube beauty videos, one of my favorite videos to watch is the “What’s In My Bag/Purse”. I love seeing what’s inside of other people’s bag, what they’re bringing in everyday lives, what items they can’t leave at home and etcetera. Today, I would like to share my own purse and what’s inside of it and since I’m not a Youtuber, I will bring the said title in a blog post.

I am using a Sophie Paris purse which I got from my auntie who is a SP dealer. I have it last December and it has been one of my favorite purse to used ever since. And here’s what I have inside my purse!


I only have few items that I always bring every time I am out of the house. Just the essentials. The purse I am using is quite handy because I can fit an A5 size notebook, sandals, shirt and everything I don’t expect I needed to bring just to survived for a day! Well, if that happens my purse became a bulky sling bag. And just a quick fact about my purse, I recently fit a small grocery items inside of it. A can of milk and corned beef and three packs of cookies. I’ll let you imagine how my purse looks like that time. Hahaha!

This is actually my first time sharing my purse and I enjoyed doing this kind of blog post. I would be doing this every year to see how my bag and the items inside of it changes. 🙂

Share what essentials do you have inside your bag on the comments down below, I would love to read it!

Love ♥,



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