The Happy List: Vol. 13

4.jpgI can’t believe this is just my second entry for my happy list this year! The last time I wrote the first one is way back January so I really need to update my happy pill. Here is what making me smile these past few days;

  1. Having a complete family (again)! – My Dad just went back from his work the first week of April and we missed him so much. Though there are changes with our household routine, it’s really fine because nothing can beat a complete & happy family.
  2. Birthday weekend celebration – I just turned twenty-two just two weeks ago and I really wanna thank my parents for having a simple celebration at home. Also with my best friends who really came over to celebrate with me, specially to the best ever boyfriend who bought me food as his gift & being with me for two consecutive days. My #lokalokatrio friends wanted to celebrate my birthday with just our own company so we opt to have an overnight swimming the day after my birthday so it happens!2.jpg
  3.  My April planner spreadsheet – It’s been a month since I discovered the beauty of bullet journalling and I really wanted to start my own. But since I already have a planner & I can’t ditch it like what I did from my last year’s planner, I incorporated the wonders of bullet journal to its daily pages and I’m loving the outcome! I’m planning to post some of the pages here on my blog, stay tuned for that.
  4. Spontaneous phone calls from Jervin – Jervin is really not the sweetest type of kind boyfriend but sometimes I love how spontaneous he is in the little things in our relationship. It has been two weeks since the last time we saw each other so as I am typing this, I already missed him (so much). Sorry if I sound too clingy but seriously, I am. 🙂
  5. Meditation – I’m a newbie when it comes to meditating and I’m using the app Headspace to get started. I saw how helpful it is with my everyday adventures in life. I just forget to do it everyday so I only meditate every other day.
  6. Braid hairstyle – I’ve been wearing the hairstyle all through month of April (occasionally, of course) and I’m loving it! If I wanted to braid my hair not normal from I used to wear, I always ask my sister to help me. 🙂
  7. Eating oatmeal for breakfast – I’ve been eating oatmeal lately for breakfast and I even wanna eat it at lunch and dinner but it won’t suffice my appetite. I eat it with a tablespoon of chocolate powder & half tablespoon of sugar then voila! If there’s a fruit inside the fridge, may it be melon, banana or apple I will place it on top of my meal. And I heard, it’s a good substitute for rice if you’re on a diet!
  8. Having my very own power bank – I badly need one whenever I’m at school because ya’know, being an irregular student & don’t have enough friends at school my phone is my ONLY company. So when I got out of class around 6pm, my battery would be down at 15% and that’s freaking me out because I need to text the boyfriend (#clingyprobs). Haha! Good thing, my Dad bought me one. 🙂
  9. Printer is already working “perfectly” fine – It has been a long time since tha last time I use my printer so I’m very happy when my Dad and Mom decided to have it fix. I can print my school papers this coming semester without any problem and our printing business is already up, again!
  10. Boho Berry‘s blog – Visiting her blog makes me smile every time I stumbled upon a good blog post read of her. She is one of the brilliant bullet journalist and I love her journal spread, not only her journal but her positive personality. If you’re fond of organizing & planning, you guys should check her out! 🙂

It almost took me a week to actually finish this post and publish it on the blog. I can’t find any words to start with and even things that makes me happy keeps on fading on my mind so it is living on my drafts for a week…but not anymore!

How about you? What’s making you happy lately? 🙂

Love ♥,



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