How I use my Planner as a Bullet Journal

* This post has been on my drafts since May so forgive me if you are seeing my May journal pages. I will make it up once I have taken photos or videos of my journal update. Soon!

* * *

I’ve been wanting to post about my planner for a very long time but I can’t find any time to shoot the planner I’m using and what’s inside of it. So today, I’m excited to share with you my little paper sanctuary from the real world!

photo-1.jpgphoto disclaimer (

Before we get started, let me give you a little background about me using a planner. I started using a planner last year (2015) and I had a Belle De Jour 2015 Power Planner which is a gift for myself. Unfortunately, I end up not using it on the second quarter of the year because I’m lacking of creativity due to work and honestly, I don’t know how to get creative with it. So when 2016 came, I promise to myself that I’ll be using my second planner efficiently.

Then, the boyfriend grant one of the items in my wishlist last Christmas which is (obviously) a Scribble planner from GetFiled!

Three (3) years calendar.

I’m really excited the first time I laid my hands on this planner and I can’t thank Jervin enough for spoiling me. Since I promised not to neglect this planner of mine, I already came up with planner prompt already. I collected tickets from parks, memorable receipts, details about the day just to keep my planner alive. However, February came…the month which I lost my interest on my planner and I’m really disappointed with myself.

Then I came across on this video on Youtube and I feel like there’s a little bulb came up on top of my head. WHY NOT MAKE MY PLANNER AS A BULLET JOURNAL?

I already used the Bullet Journal system way back year 2013, it was really helpful but I’m not seeing any fancy, creative way of maintaining it so I dump the system after 6 months of using it. If you’re asking “WHAT THE HECK IS BULLET JOURNAL?”

Basically,a bullet journal is an analog way to stay organized with your tasks. Here’s a video from the creator of the system, Ryder Carroll if you would like to get the general idea of a Bullet Journal.


Bullet Journal is a flexible way of organizing and planning your tasks because you’re the one deciding of what kind of page should be the first page, the second page & so on. But with having a planner, everything is already there, the calendar, the monthly page & the daily page so it’s really hard to incorporate the bullet journal system.



The keys and color codes is usually written down on the first or second page of a bullet journal. On my planner, I don’t have any blank page on the first couple pages of it so what I did is I write the keys and color codes on every monthly pages of the planner. It is easy for me to remember the keys & colors without turning the planner on its first pages.



The monthly pages on my planner and the bullet journal has the same features depending on the owner of a bullet journal on how she/he likes to decorate or make a creative look of it. I write all of my future events, birthdays, dates ♥ and etc. on the monthly pages of my planner. Nothing fancy.


The daily and weekly spread on the bullet journal has its own different pages so it’s really easy to organize your events and tasks. But as for the daily pages of my planner, I used it as my daily and also my weekly spread. I place all the tasks, events, time tracker, weather and even my water intake & grateful lists everyday on the daily pages of the planner.

It’s pretty tiring and lazy tasks to write all of it in one small space but that’s where the challenges occurred. Haha! There is still a point in my life that I forgot my planning routine, and if ever I did that I always go back to where I started on my planner. Listing the details happened specifically on that day or placing stickers or other memorabilia to recap my day.



The habit tracker and monthly memories is just one of the special pages you can place on your journal. On my end, I don’t have any blank pages to place any pages I wanted to add on my planner. So I find other ways to add these pages according to my preferences. I have an expenses tracker on my planner which I barely use because I’m not really into tracking my expenses so I replace it as my habit tracker page. I printed Boho Berry’s habit tracker layout and paste it on my journal and taduh! ✨

For the monthly memories, what I did is I place it on my Notes page since I’m really not using it. The prompt I wanted to do with my memories page is to print some photos I wanted to remember for the said month. I actually have a lot for April and for May, I just have a few of them but let’s see ‘coz the month of May is not yet over.



My planner already had a goal tracker page so it’s not really hard for me to write down my goals. However, I’m not really using the page so most of them every month is completely empty. Even though I’m a goal-digger & I have many goals in life, I always failed to achieve them because I don’t have a proper plan layout for them. Hahaha! But then I found Boho Berry’s action challenge plan and I immediately jot down my top 3 goals for the month on my planner. The photo above is my goals for the month of May.

* * *

I’m still having second thoughts if I should get a blank notebook for me to able to incorporate what pages I would like to add on my bullet journal. However, I still have to use my planner because 1) I promise myself not to neglect it. 2) It was a gift from Jervin so I have to treasure it.


  • I already have a dotted page notebook which I just bought this July and I’m having second thoughts if I’ll be using it as my bullet journal because it only have 128 pages. What do you think?
  • There are some changes happened on my planner specially on how I set-up my weekly/daily pages. Don’t worry, I’ll be writing a blog post about it soon.
  • I have a Plan with Me video coming up soon on YT! I’m very excited about that one because it was my first time to take videos on how I usually plan on my planner. I’ll be updating this blog post soon I have it live on my channel.


Love ♥,



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