Is The Struggle Real: How to be an adult?


Hey everyone! I know I’ve been away with my blog for quite a long time now and haven’t updated anything since then. Well, life is really overwhelming me these past few months and I’m still on struggling to overcome them. I started thinking if these kind of life scenarios is what you call quarter-life crisis? Or just a sign that I’m already a young adult and needs to face the reality of life.

Anyway, this post is not really about me being drowned of the idea of being an adult but to give you ideas on how (in my own way) I struggle to be an adult.

  1. Start budgeting your finances. This is the number one thing you should consider when you’re an adult. Learning how to handle your own money. Well, in my case I’m still getting into it; remember my post on how I budget my money way back last year? I’m still trying to incorporate those ideas in the present. Also, another big part of finances as an adult is using credit cards responsibly. If you have a credit card, be sure to leave room in your budget to pay your bill every month.  If  you want to learn more about how to use credit cards there are sites like Credit Card Insider that are filled with great information.
  2. Manage your time wisely. When I say wisely, it should really be wisely & also work on your time efficiently. When you are an adult, you tend to have lots of ideas & things you wanted to do but don’t have time to do that. I am working 8 hours a day, five times a week and I’m also taking 6 units class so I have 8 hours to spend at school every week. Imagine the hours I am spending plus I also wanted to blog, write stories, take an online goal class (if possible), jotting down on my journal and etc. Managing time is really important to survive! Try using a planner or your Google calendar app on phone to schedule things, it would help a lot!
  3. Have at least 6-7 hours of sleep. You’re lucky enough if you still get to sleep for like 10 hours ‘coz I’m not. Haha! I usually have 5-6 hours of sleep and there’s still in between waking up because I sleep at the office sleeping area everytime I have class around 1:30pm. So yes, have enough sleep so you can take on the world when you wake up the next day. What I loved doing before I sleep is to meditate, I am using an app called Headspace for meditation and it works miracle. I swear!
  4. Mind your health. When I did my medical exam for work, the doctor advised me to slow down with the foods I eat because I’m already overweight and my BMI didn’t match my age. It was around May and it’s already July but I didn’t do anything about it…yet. I’m a fan of eating fast food and I know it’s really not good for our body so I really discipline myself at least eating fruits or taking down rice once in a while. Research says 80% of our body is what we ate and 20% of it is our exercise habits so as early as I can, I am trying to track what I eat and do little workouts at home. Check this photo for home based exercise you wanna try out!
  5. Keep a journal. I’m a notebook-journal person ever since. I kept diaries from way back 2009 up until this year and I really enjoy going back to those little memories I had for like 2-3 years ago. As becoming an adult, every little details of your life should be kept or written (the good ones only) because it will remind you that life is really not hard. There are still things in life that we’re only taking for granted and that’s how life becomes difficult for us to handle. Try to write the things you are grateful which happened that day, one or two sentences is fine or if you’re not into journalling, take photos of a details you wanted to remember that day (don’t post it for IG purposes) and have it printed, post it in your room’s wall.

I know that there are lots of things and ideas on how to be an adult however I am hoping that my ideas will help you in a simple way. Because life should be simple and not difficult. I am also hoping that I can keep track on my blog from now on, I also have one pending draft post that will be live on my blog soon which I am really excited to share with you guys! I already shared a clue on this blog post so do the guessing!

* * *

Love ♥,



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